Onward with the Calgary Chamber


As a Recruiter and a small business owner it is my goal to get out there, socialize, meet and talk about all things recruitment and general business.  Last week I was one of the lucky people to get tickets for the inaugural Onward event being held within the BMO Centre at the Calgary Stampede grounds.  The event was put together by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce to help their members to network and connect with other members.  Also at the event were speakers from the local & international business arena to talk about the current market situation here in Alberta and different ideas & strategies that they were working on to help improve and grow their businesses.

The main draw for people (myself included) was Mr Peter Diamandis who is mainly known as the founder of Space X but he was there to discuss other projects he was working on including human life expectancy (100 is the new 60!!)  solar panel efficiency and of course his Singularity University.  His speech mainly focused on “Moonshots” – working on business ideas that can change the planet around you for the better but by doing it one small step at a time.

I realize when you are tied up trying to kick start your own business you invariably get sucked into the day to day workings and I find it great to go to these types of events because it helps me understand and appreciate what is going on with businesses around me.  My personal headliners/tips/advice I picked up from the numerous speakers and people I spoke to included:

  • failing is okay – only by failing do we really learn so grab the challenge and if it blows up, pick yourself up quickly and move on fast making sure you learn from your mistakes.  There was a whole speech about Prototyping in manufacturing to reduce the costs of failure that I felt related to businesses in general.
  • you need to personally decide what is success and strive for that.  If you don’t know how to measure your own success how do you plan on succeeding?
  • plan to beat your fears.  Starting a new business can be fearful so learn to challenge those fears on a daily basis so that the next time it’s not so scary.

I left the conference at the end of the day very very motivated.  I think it’s good for all people regardless of position or career to have an idea of what is going on locally.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce please speak with Terri Lang @ 403-826-7732 or click on www.calgarychamber.com/join