Front End Vue.js SPA Developer


Front End Technologies

Role: Front End Vue.js SPA Developer #32715240
Job Number: 32715240
Type: Full Time
Starting: Immediate
Location: Calgary

About The Company

Our small sized software (approx 12 people) client is based in the downtown Calgary core.  They manage IOT sensor data and are looking to expand their existing software development team.

Skills / Requirements

The client is looking for an experienced front end developer who has prior experience building and maintaining front end Single Page Applications – full in browser applications (for example games, business applications or dashboards) using JavaScript.  Experience with React.js, Vue.js or Angular is a technical prerequisite for this role.  As a member of this small team you should be comfortable working with your team to implement new functionality.  Please be aware that this is not a graphic designer role but a technical software development role.

Skills / Requirements

  • Previous experience building Single Page Applications for web browsers using JavaScript is a must!!!
  • Experience with one or more front end frameworks & libraries for example React, Vue or Augular
  • Comfortable taking on technical problems that may not be part of your every day work (adding new endpoints for example)
  • Working with small businesses and small teams previously where a hands on approach is required (QA  and DevOps task for example are undertaken by developers themselves).

You Are Right For This Role If

  • You have previous experience coding with front end libraries and frameworks in a production environment.
  • You are comfortable writing good code first time and getting things done rather than writing the perfect code all the time.  Their push is to add functionality quickly to their existing front end product by building on top of existing architecture & templates.
  • The idea of working with a small business helping both yourself, your team and the company around you grow and expand is a personal goal.
  • You enjoy working with lots of data (hundreds of millions of rows).
  • GitHub or other repositories that contain personal projects based around front end technologies.
  • You enjoy working in teams, flexibility is good but you enjoy doing the core of your work within your team.

Moving Forward

For candidates who are interested it would be of benefit if you included with your resume any details of recent front end work that you have completed during the last 12 months.  This information can be sent by email to (please remember to include the Job Number on the subject line of your e-mail).  Only candidates who are legally allowed to work in Canada and can attend interviews in person in Calgary should apply.  Thank you in advance for your time.