For your business to meet it’s full potential you are very dependant on the technical IT staff that you recruit.  Recruit the right motivated staff and you will go to the next level both professionally and technically but how do you select the best staff?

May be you are too busy running your business day to day to be able to afford the time needed to properly hire the right talent.  Perhaps you realize that to properly hire the right talent, the initial interviewing process affects too many teams.  Will doing recruitment for your company disrupt your current work flow and deadlines?

Are you aware that when you advertise your available positions, all candidates whether successful or unsuccessful are judging your business.  Are you putting your best foot forward and enhancing your brand while recruiting?  Do you want to use the recruitment process for also promoting your company, brand and it’s products?

If you are already working with a recruitment agency are they actually adding value to your hiring process by supplying more than just a list of resumes?  Are you looking for an agency that can find you motivated and passionate technical staff?  Do you want a recruitment agency that actually works for your best interests and that you can trust?  If the answer is YES then I&A Recruitment is your trusted recruitment partner.

At I&A Recruitment we offer a full turnkey confidential recruitment service for companies in any sector that require motivated and passionate IT staff.  Using our 20 years of in house technical experience we can understand your IT requirements from a technical perspective.  We use technology during the interview process that will save you vast amounts of time and you can be sure that the candidates that you choose to meet will exceed your requirements.  Our goal for our clients is that you should not be spending more than 5 hours in total for the entire hiring process per position, that is a massive saving of resources.

Click on the video included on this page to learn more.  We look forward to hearing from you very soon.