Two quick resume tips that will give YOU results


Those who handle recruitment right now are swamped with resumes from deserving candidates but unfortunately as a job seeker if you are not clear with what you can offer and what you are looking for, your chances of actually getting a role you enjoy will be greatly reduced.

I have included below only 2 points about the initial portion of the Career Objectives of a candidates resume, if this sounds like a rant I apologize!!

The first 2/3 sentences and most recruiters/hiring managers will have already decided if they are going to read the rest of your resume or not so the first paragraph is the most important.  If your first sentences include “I am a great communicator and I enjoy working in teams” you have already lost the chance – why???  The day I find a candidate who puts on their resume “I am a rubbish communicator and I hate working in teams” then this person has justified every other resume out there but until then, it’s wasted words.  The great communicator sentence is a wasted sentence because everybody thinks they are a great communicator – the answer is to justify your belief!!  So if you really want to mention your communication skills (this isn’t a bad thing by the way I personally rate this skill very highly) then put something like “I have worked in customer support for 5 years so I have great communication skills…” JUSTIFY JUSTIFY JUSTIFY

This is the most obvious point but I hardly ever see this…  Please include the role/s you are interested in taking..  But isn’t this obvious you may ask??  May be yes may be no but without the rest of the world reading your entire resume we don’t know for sure.  For example a System Administrator takes many years/different roles before you become a proficient System Administrator so a resume may read, first years Customer Support/Desktop Support then you move into Application support for X years, then Network Administrator and finally System Administrator.  When a recruiter looks at a resume with great career progression we cannot be sure which role you want to take next as this type of candidate has so many possibilities.  My suggestion again in the first few sentences is list the roles you are interested in doing along with the experience you have.

Bad Example

“I am looking for a challenging role in IT that allows me to use my strong communication skills.  I enjoy working in teams blah blah blah.”

Good Example

“I have 12 years of IT experience in roles including telephone support, application support and System Administration but moving forward I am looking to work in the role of System/Network Administration.  During this time I have worked for both small and big companies and I had completed nearly 3 years of telephone support so I feel that my communication skill is one of my strongest skills.”

In conclusion the first paragraph (typically called Career Objectives) should answer two very important questions – what are your strengths (within reason and justified very very quickly) and what role are you looking for next.  By answering these two simple questions you are already ahead of the pack.  Congratulations!