About our Company

Vision: At I&A Recruitment we are building Canada’s most trusted and respected Recruitment partner.

Mission:  Our team believes that every business can expand and reach it’s full potential when they hire motivated and passionate talent.

Having gained a BSc in Computer Science from the UK and having worked in the UK, Canada & the Middle East – Mark Lindseth is the founder of I&A Recruitment Ltd, a Calgary based IT Recruitment company building to be Canada’s most trusted and respected recruiting partner.

During the 19 years of IT work experience he learnt a lot about hiring staff for organisations he managed.  Mark says “Though recruitment is the most important task a company can undertake it is also very time consuming for all involved.  Multiple departments including HR and team leads would often spend days working on recruitment sometimes with little positive results.  Meanwhile their day to day work would be held back.”  This was the seed of thought that started the wheels turning that eventually ended up being I&A Recruitment.

Also while working for other companies including banking & finance, construction and online gaming Mark understood the following “I have had the very fortunate experience of working with very technical but also very motivated and technically very competent individuals.  I noticed that the people who were passionate about their work and really enjoyed the work that they were doing always gave the best results and went above what other people gave in terms of quality of product.  This is now the type of people we look for today.”